Student resources

Student resources

Engaging with Indiana’s rural communities provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills, advance their professional and career interests, communicate with diverse audiences, and problem-solve with people outside their immediate field of study.

Preparing for future civic engagement and careers

Sustaining Hoosier Communities integrates meaningful civic engagement and professional experience into students’ studies. Guided by faculty who share relevant knowledge and best practices, students become equipped with the knowledge and transferable skills to address real-world issues and opportunities.

Leveraging the Sustaining Hoosier Communities experience

Students can talk to their career advisor about the best strategies to highlight the knowledge and transferable skills they develop through Sustaining Hoosier Communities. And by building relationships with community leaders during projects, students can create opportunities for internships and jobs in rural Indiana after they earn their degree.

Sustaining Hoosier Communities: The Student Experience

Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Travis

Lauren Travis, in collaboration with her School of Public and Environmental Affairs classmates, helped the City of Bedford create a Complete Streets proposal to increase the walkability and accessibility of streets and sidewalks. The class prepared case study materials, visited sites, and held a town hall meeting to learn more about needs and concerns related to roadways in the city, and through a community meeting process, the class learned what was most important to residents of all ages.
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