Student Spotlight

Daisy Heath, a pre-medical student in Professor Whitney Schlegel's BIOL-P451: Integrative Human Physiology, worked alongside graduate students in Professor Jeanne Johnston's SPH-K553: Physical Activity and Health and SPH-K554: Seminar in Physical Activity and Wellness this past fall semester.  Together, they collaborated with community leaders in Mitchell, IN to determine how the Blue Jacket Trail can be utilized to increase physical activity, reduce hypertension, and promote community health.  The progress and assessments from the fall will be carried over into the spring semester to further develop assessment tools and a physical activity map for encouraging healthy lifestyles and managing hypertension with Mitchell leaders.  

I get to take what I learn in the classroom, and I get to apply that to a local, rural Indiana town and hopefully make a difference there

Fall 2017

  • Art & Design

    SOAD-A 211: Cross-Disciplinary Workshop—Design for Social Impact

    Project: City Gateways (Bedford and Mitchell)
    Instructor: Jon Racek and Jenny El-Shamy

  • Arts Administration

    AADM-Y650: Seminar in Arts Administration

    Projects: Grants Administration, Little Theater
    Instructor: Ursula Kuhar

  • Biology

    BIOL-P 451: Integrative Human Physiology

    Project: Healthy Communities
    Instructor: Whitney Schlegel

  • Public & Environmental Affairs

    SPEA-S 515: Sustainable Communities

    Project: Complete Streets
    Instructor: Bill Brown

  • Public Health

    SPH-F 150: Intro to Life Span Development

    Projects: Community Garden, Financial Literacy Curriculum
    Instructor: Deb Getz

    SPH-K 553: Physical Activity and Health

    Project: Gus Grissom Trail & Healthy Communities
    Instructor: Jeanne Johnston

    SPH-K 554: Seminar in Physical Activity and Wellness

    Project: Gus Grissom Trail & Healthy Communities
    Instructor: Jeanne Johnston

    SPH-O 305: Integrated Resource Management

    Projects: Avoca Fish Hatchery
    Instructor: James Farmer

  • Social Work

    SWK-S 502: Research Methods in Social Work

    Project: Addiction issues in Lawrence County
    Instructor: John Keesler

    SWK-S 505: Social Policy Analysis and Practice

    Project: Addiction issues in Lawrence County
    Instructor: Kristin Hamre

Spring 2018

  • Art & Design

    SOAD-D 374: Advanced Interior Architectural Design Studio

    Project: Local/Non-profit Shared Work Space
    Instructor: Marlene Newman

  • Computer Science

    CSCI-P 442: Digital Systems

    Projects: Dark Sky, Gus Grissom Trail
    Instructor: Bryce Himebaugh

  • Law

    LAW-B 515: Project Management for Lawyers

    Project: Addiction issues in Lawrence County
    Instructor: Victor Quintanilla

  • Media Studies

    MSCH-R 428: Public Relations Planning and Research

    Projects: Diversity Council, City Commissions
    Instructor: Minjeong Kang

  • Public & Environmental Affairs

    SPEA-V 365: Urban Development and Planning

    Project: HWY 50 Bypass
    Instructor: Frank Nierzwicki

  • Public Health

    SPH-F 180: Survey of Practice with Youth and Families

    Project: Youth Council
    Instructor: Deb Getz

    SPH-K 556: Physical Activity Assessment in Public Health

    Project: Gus Grissom Trail & Healthy Communities
    Instructor: Jeanne Johnston

  • Biology

    BIOL-X490: Undergraduate Independent Research

    Project: Healthy Communities
    Instructor: Whitney Schlegel