Community resources

Community resources

The Center for Rural Engagement selects a new community in the Indiana Uplands each year to be the partner for Sustaining Hoosier Communities. A request for proposals is released and closed in the fall. Interested applicants can review the past RFP materials and process below.

Take the right steps to develop your proposal


Download the materials you will need to complete a proposal for your community.


Review the request for proposals with community members who might be interested in building an application and partnering on SHC projects.


Activate your community by organizing a diverse coordinating committee and engaging many outside the committee.


Connect with SHC staff by emailing, requesting a community workshop, and asking questions.


Build the application with appropriate materials and collect completed project proposal forms from community leaders.


Submit the completed application to as one file by the deadline.


Aspiring Sustaining Hoosier Communities are not expected to spend financial resources on the program—a sustained investment of passion, expertise, and time is all that is required from the community and its leaders. Logistics such as transportation, meeting space, hospitality, assessment, and media relations will all be coordinated by Sustaining Hoosier Communities staff, who are committed to fostering a transformative partnership.

Orange County, IN

Last year, SHC courses collaborated with Orange County—population 19,605. The county has four incorporated towns, including Paoli (the county seat), Orleans, French Lick, and West Baden; unincorporated communities include Chambersburg, Leipsic, Prospect, Orangeville, and Valeene. Home to a local food cooperative, a county-wide community garden, agricultural programs for youth, an artist-in-residence program, and a restored, historic resort, the county is in a unique position to further develop its tourism economy by capitalizing on its historical, agricultural, and recreational roots.

Orange County projects
Maxwell Hall | 750 E. Kirkwood Avenue | Bloomington, IN 47405